Case Studies


Cushman & Wakefield


During the multiple organizational merges and rebrands over the last five years, there was a low organization of team marketing collateral. There was also a long turn around time between the brokerage and marketing teams on both ends.



Templates were created for Offering Memorandums and frequently used items for three different Capital Markets / Investment Sales teams. Marketing material was catered to each teams typical type of asset, and content typically used by one team. Collateral included Excel sheets for the brokerage and financial analysts that allowed them to easily change numbers across the entire sheet with formulas, and easy enough to allow the Graphic Designer to update Offering Memorandums. This allowed the marketing team to build out typical packages with quicker turn around times when teams are on extremely tight deadlines, bringing assets to the market on schedule.


Colliers International


The firms three tri-state offices went through a series of merges over a 2 year period. During this transition, internal infrastructures changed platforms or were implemented for the first time. Website CMS, email campaign service, SEO monitor, and brand new intranet platform was rolled out for the entire global firm.



As a key creative consultant on the marketing team, we were successful in re-branding of the Tri-State regional offices to Colliers International in 2010 twice within a two year period. As their national office built up their marketing platform, new artwork, templates, best-in-class materialwas continuously contributed to their database.

Web presence was brought to new level. SEO was refined and made local sites appear on the first page of Google searches for “commercial real estate”. A database of all available listings was imported to the local CRM. The end result was a visually appealing mapping platform on their website. Allowing visitors to easily find get detailed information on properties in their area, and giving brokers and agents a platform to broadcast their agencies.


Leader Bikes USA


The company had a running issue of low visibility to upper management and ownership. A Sales CRM was non-existent, and used QuickBooks as their only record of clients. Order sheets being sent out to clients were unreadable, and processing orders was done through unorganized book keeping practices.

U.S. retailers were declining, and had only one active retailer in NYC area, and were losing distributors internationally in key markets. There was only one channel for selling direct selling to consumers.



Within the first month, a CRM database was built out using the cloud based service HighRise. This allowed the sales department to keep track of relationships and orders with clients, and gave full visibility to ownership and management 24/7.

Restructuring QuickBooks and any new product added to it gave ownership seamless order placement and inventory management from factory to retailer distribution. Order forms going out to distributors and retailers were made with the user experience in mind, making it easy as possible to get product onto their walls.

Opened up new accounts in key markets that were lacking distribution. This included four new locations in New York City, two in San Francisco Bay Area. New lines of distribution were added internationally in Australia, Ukraine, Dubai, and Vietnam.